Small Favours(Small Favors #1)

by Colleen Coover

Category: Veterinary Medicine

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: none
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  • Edition Language: English

This is, without question, the cutest porn youll ever find. Make no mistake, this is porn. Its about two women having lots and lots of sex with each other. But its also really cute and fun and funny. Its porn, but its not at all exploitative or anything like that. The characters are fun, and the scenarios are amusing. Its arguably more entertaining seeing what leads to the sex than it is to see the sex itself. And the relationship between the two characters is the real heart of the story.

Also, Coovers art is so wonderful. Its a cute, expressive style. This book came a little earlier in her career, so its not as great as her more recent work on books like Bandette or Gingerbread Girl, but its still got a lot of the fun energy that defines her style.If you dont like reading comics full of sex, this might not be for you.

If you have no problem reading comics full of sex, then this is one of the best porn comics, and well worth checking out.

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