Black Woods(BlackWoods #1)

by Laura Wright LaRoche

Category: Veterinary Medicine

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 174 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: B007AW2BL2
  • Edition Language: English

Laura and Julie are a couple of ladies in their sixties who have grown up exploring the woods their whole life. Every spring the pair spend two months going out daily to mushroom hunt. They also volunteer with the local search and rescue since they know the woods so well. When four young venture into an area known as the Black Woods they find themselves in trouble and needing help. When this story starts off I really got the feeling all of the characters seemed much younger then they were.

Laura and Julie were likable though but the four boys are supposed to be in their early twenties but acted very very immature so I really just didnt care for them at all. The comments about the ugly girl and the fat girl and some of their antics just really turned me off. However, when it came to the overall story I thought it wasnt too bad. Found myself thinking I knew how all this would end but the ending ended up something I wasnt quite expecting and bringing my rating up a bit more.

Overall, a decent quick read, not amazing but not terrible either.

Black Woods(BlackWoods #1) doc