Best Efforts: What Happens When Good Intentions Arent Enough?

by Susan Staneslow Olesen

Category: Veterinary Medicine

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 358 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9780615569376
  • Edition Language: English

Continuing the adventures of the fractured Kirushenko family from Best Intenions. Home. The one place Sarah never wanted to leave. Even when Father dragged them place to place, home had moved with them. Valeria promised theyd never split up, then promised the split would be just two days long. Dmitri promised a week, tops, but now hes taking Sarah on a never-ending joyride of independence, and the stress is eating Sarah alive.

Shes not the only one: lightyears away, Vlad, Sergei, and David are just as upset, and their refusal to accept the situation keeps wounds raw. As the weeks turn to months and the months to years, Sarah discovers a new horror: shes growing up, and unimagined dangers are coming to light.

As disaster follows disaster, Dmitri pushes farther from home, and Sarahs loneliness is growing with each move. When Dmitris Someday turns to Never, Sarahs desperation gets the better of her, and she launches a ploy so heinous it will change the course of her life forever... if Dmitri doesnt kill her first. Best Efforts.

Everyone tries. Not everyone succeeds.

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