The Evil Genius (Library Edition)

by Wilkie Collins

Category: Nursing

  • Type: Paperback
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  • ASIN: 9781400130177
  • Edition Language: English

This ones not The Moonstone, but its still a worthy way to spend some time. Its a bit more pulpy, and has echoes of Jane Eyre (the poor abused waif who gets sent to a dreadful school and badly used) and any number of other Victorian novels in which good triumphs.

It has Dickens echoes, also, which is fitting. (Little Nell and others).Like Moonstone, though, Collins has such sympathy for his characters, even the ones that lesser writers would portray as demons. Theres some debate about who is the Evil Genius, but my votes for Mrs. Presty. Shes such a mix of good and mean, but her unerring sense of her own rightness in all things is rather laughable. Its dangerous, too, but everything, of course, comes out right in the end.

Again, like Victorian domestics.

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