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Todo lo que debe saber sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Muy buena y amena recopilaciГіn de los hechos que marcaron el destino de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Ofrece una visiГіn desde 10 mil metros de los capГ­tulos trascendentales del conflicto, salpicado de anГ©cdotas y datos curiosos que le dan un sabor particular a la lectura. No pretende ser un tratado profundo, pero si un recordatorio y ofrecer un hilo conductor para quienes tienen un conocimiento previo de la historia. Ofrece ademГЎs un catГЎlogo de lugares a visitar en caso de poder pasear por los sitios donde sucedieron los eventos principales.

Muy recomendable.

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The Medusa Project: Double-Cross(Medusa Project #5)

taken from my book review blog: http://thebookreviewlibrary.blogspot....I enjoyed every other book in this series, and I was glad I finally managed to read this :).The book was very fast paced - within the first or second chapter things were happening. It was very exciting, with events happening very close to each other and with no boring bits at all. It was slightly unrealistic at times (minus the fact the characters had powers), but many books like this are.It was narrated by Nico, one of the main characters.

For some reason he annoyed me in this book, but not in the others so much - I dont know if the author intended that or if its just me, though!

I thought having the chapters from differant characters points of view, like in the last book, but it wasnt something I would have noticed if I hadnt read the last book before tis one. I like how in this series all the characters are very differant, making them more interesting to read about than a bunch of similar people.

At times this book was a little predictable, and I could almost guess what would happen at some parts. However, some bits of the book were quite unexpected! It ended on a litte bit of a cliffhanger - if I hadnt already read the last book I would be dying to read it! I also liked the cover of this book (and others in the series) - the cover has an action packed feel to it, which suits the book.I would reccomend this book to fans of books with some action.

I did enjoy this book, but I thought some bits were a bit predictable but it wasnt boring at all and was an exciting read. If youre thinking of reading this, definately read the books before it in the series first - it might be a bit confusing otherwise.

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The Nine Dragons

Blank 133x176
The Nine Dragons
Justin Scott

I had read this book many years ago and found a copy in a used book store and decided to pick up the book again.The book is an interesting novel set in Hong Kong prior to the changeover in 1997. The story centers around Victoria Mackintosh, heir to Scottish trading firm Mackintosh Farquhar run by her dad Duncan the current Taipan in Hong Kong.

Duncan has key evidence of wrongdoing against his main competitor Two-Way Wong, a Chinese businessman seeking economic and political control of the city through his connections to the hardliner premier Chen. Duncan is killed and in his will he leaves his company in joint charge of Vicky and Vivian Loh, his mistress.

And as they say the fireworks take off from here. Its not as salacious as a Jackie Collins novel, but it a fun lighthearted read for those interested in Hong Kong during the pre 97 turnover days.

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Holism in Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Physics

The Scope of the Project The concept of holism is at the centre of far-reaching changes in various areas of philosophy in the second half of the twentieth century. Holism in epistemology and the philosophy of mind is widespread among analytic philosophers subsequent to the work of the later Wittgenstein and to Quines Two Dogmas of Empiricism. Roughly speaking, the claim is that (a) for a person to have beliefs, a social, linguistic community is required and that (b) single beliefs have a meaning only within a whole system of beliefs.

Furthermore, holism is discussed in science, in particular in the interpretation of quantum physics. In fact, the term holism goes back to Smuts (1926), who introduces this term in a biological context. I Holism in any of these areas has considerable consequences for our philosophical view of the world and ourselves.

Holism in quantum physics is said to refute atomism, which has been predominant in modem philosophy of nature. Holism in epistemology and the philosophy of mind is seen as an alternative to what is known as the Cartesian tradition, which dominated modem thought down to logical empiricism.

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Goldstrike(Carl Hobbes #2)

Carl may have escaped from Camp Twilight, but now hes being pursued by a bounty hunter in the pay of the US government, and an al-Quaeda assassin. Wanted dead by one and alive by the other, he must use all his skills as a manipulator of both systems and people to survive.

Can he play one enemy against the other in his bid to live another day? Hiding out in the least likely place possible - a warehouse hiding untold treasures - Carl has to harness the powers of Cleo, the super-computer who controls it.

For Cleo is primed to unleash aggressive counter-measures at the least sign of intrusion - but can Carl get her on side?

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In the near future when Immortals have completely usurped control over all mankind, one Immortal family fights to protect all remaining human children. When undead creatures begin mercilessly murdering Immortals, the Ventoni family struggles to figure out where the creatures are coming from, and wonders who will protect them.

Loaded with action and filled with unprecedented plot twists, Decay will leave you holding your breath until the very last page.

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Trolddom(Häxmästaren #1)

Det begynder i Bergen i slutningen af 1600-tallet.Tiril Dahl vokser op som et ensomt og uselvisk barn i skyggen af sin smukke søster Carla.Med årene begynder der at ske onde og mystiske hændelser omkring de unge søstre. Tiril befinder sig pludseligt i et håbløst dilemma som tager overhånd.Hjælpen kommer i skikkelse af den unge forretningsmand Erling, men samtidig dukker en mystisk, skræmmende islænding op. Hans navn er Móri og han har sat sig det mål at blive alle tiders største heksemester...Margit Sandemo er født 23.

april 1924 i Norge. Hun er vokset op i Sverige, men flyttede senere tilbage til Norge og bor nu i Sverige. Hun debuterede som forfatter i 1964. Kærlighed og overnaturlige kræfter karakteriserer hendes forfatterskab. Margit Sandemo er den mest solgte forfatter i Norden med et samlet oplag på 39 millioner bøger. I Heksemesteren udkommer deri alt 15 bind.

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Profiles in Canadian Literature 1

Profiles in Canadian Literature 2 is an interesting collection of essays on such prolific Canadian writers as AM Klein, Gabrielle Roy, David Thompson and Emily Carr to name a few.

As the Quill and Quire writes: [This collection is] an extremely useful puchase for all Canadian libraries and students of Canadian literature.

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La novela fue escrita por George Orwell bajo el tГ­tulo de trabajo de El Гєltimo hombre en Europa (The Last Man in Europe en inglГ©s). No obstante, los editores tanto en Gran BretaГ±a como en Estados Unidos, en donde fue lanzado el libro de forma simultГЎnea, cambiaron el nombre a Mil novecientos ochenta y cuatro por motivos comerciales.

En ese aГ±o transcurre la acciГіn narrada en el libro. Publicado inicialmente el 8 de junio de 1949, el grueso de la novela fue escrito por Orwell en la isla de Jura en Escocia en 1948, aunque Orwell habГ­a estado escribiendo pequeГ±as partes desde 1945.

1984 es el resultado de intercambiar la posiciГіn de los dos Гєltimos dГ­gitos del aГ±o en el que se escribiГі el libro, 1948.La novela introdujo los conceptos del omnipresente y vigilante Gran Hermano, de la notoria habitaciГіn 101, de la ubicua policГ­a del pensamiento y de la neolengua, adaptaciГіn del inglГ©s en la que se reduce y se transforma el lГ©xico con fines represivos, basГЎndose en el principio de que lo que no estГЎ en la lengua, no puede ser pensado.Muchos analistas detectan paralelismos entre la sociedad actual y el mundo de 1984, sugiriendo que estamos comenzando a vivir en lo que se ha conocido como sociedad orwelliana[cita requerida].

El tГ©rmino orwelliano se ha convertido en sinГіnimo de las sociedades u organizaciones que reproducen actitudes totalitarias y represoras como las representadas en la novela.

La novela fue un Г©xito en tГ©rminos de ventas y se ha convertido en uno de los mГЎs influyentes libros del siglo XX.Se la considera como una de las obras cumbre de la trilogГ­a de las antiutopГ­as de principios del siglo XX (tambiГ©n clasificadas como ciencia ficciГіn distГіpica), junto a la novela de 1932 Un mundo feliz (Brave new world en inglГ©s), de Aldous Huxley, y Fahrenheit 451 de Ray Bradbury. Algunos consideran a esta novela un plagio de la obra Nosotros escrita por Yevgeni Zamiatin en 1921.

Por su parte Orwell reconociГі la influencia de la misma en su novela.