The Second Coming (From the secret files of science, politics, occult and religion)

by Hollywood Bob

Category: Investments & Securities

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 64 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: B001O5CL66
  • Edition Language: English

A great book...dark, grim and violent--brutal savage action. Filled with sleazy sex and tense explosive fight scenes! A hardboiled urban occult nightmare! THE SECOND COMING is a story about the underworld. For thousands of years nearly every civilization on this planet believed in Heaven and Hell; or some religious belief very close to this concept Our ancestors and modem man believed in demons; the maker as the taker.

Through the years man has tried to conceive of a plan to penetrate the underworld, however, human limitations being what they are; have hindered our knowledge of the underworld, Hollywood went beyond the veil to meet the Eternal Ones. He did not let the power of his human creation or his own soul stop him. With the help of the Eternal Ones, Hollywood traveled through time and space; going to the Dark Side to take on the immortal powers of Satan.

He wanted to save mankind from the horrible fate Hollywood knew was in store for civilization as we know it Hollywood found out when he was a child that he had been chosen for this job. The vision of the end times, the sky turning red and the woman covering the child; the maker descending to pluck the souls from the corpses, Hollywood could see it all.

Beneath the city streets feuding demons and the ones fighting for justice, are an ever-present condition that Hollywood lives with. Satan and his demons battle for supremacy over the world above. This war has raged for thousands of years; unseen by human eyes. Until now that is; Hollywood enters the Underworld of Satan trying to stop or slow down what is coming in our time.

When the battle begins, what side will you choose? I have died long ago; but I am back as The Messenger. Do I see the end of life as we know it?

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