The Secret Agent

by Joseph Conrad

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  • ASIN: B0062OI53C
  • Edition Language: English

My ratings are very moody and just generally not to be trusted. Having gotten that fact out in the open for the umpteenth time, I will say that I thought this was a very good book. Love, no. Like very much, yes. I especially hearted the last-ish part with the wife and the train and ole dudes stop, drop, and roll in mid-air move because ACTION!

SUSPENSE! HEARTBREAK! PLOTSY TWIRLS! In fact, most of my favorite scenes involved Winnie V, while some other sections, particularly some of the more beat-you-over-the-head-with-symbolism conversational scenes with BadMeanyPoliticianMens, made it an occasional slog. If I wanted to really be a cranky-puss, I would also point out how some descriptive words (e.g. husky/huskily) were used entirely too many times in rapid succession, which bugs the piss straight outta me for the simple fact that I appreciate a fella who knows how to admit defeat and just pick up a freakin thesaurus from time to time.

Tiny style gripes. Also, I finished a book I more enjoyed reading a couple of days before this, so that definitely influenced things, and you totally, understandably care about that and must be so glad that I told you. All in the gut, baby. No star-science here. Just bloody, stinkin guts. Ill probably bump it up if its still rolling around in my noggin a year from now, which is very possible because I think 2014 just may still feature terrorists, corrupt politicians and law enforcement personnel, plots n schemes n conspiracies, crushing deception by/of those you love most, exploitation of any and all human weakness, and assholes.

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