Pieces of My Heart

by David L. Wood

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  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 376 pages
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  • ASIN: 9781466215771
  • Edition Language: English

About the book: Pieces of My Heart contains 82 great lessons found all around us in our normal everyday lives if we will dare to open our eyes and see. About the Cover: “The front cover is symbolic of my children, for whom this book was written. They are all loved and cherished in my heart and therefore, each one is represented by a piece of my heart. The missing piece of the heart and the butterfly flying overhead are symbolic of my son, Daniel, who died shortly before his first birthday.

Losing Daniel was the hardest thing I have faced in this life and he took a piece of my heart with him to heaven when he left. The butterfly is flying toward the sun, which is a representation of God and our eternal life to come. On the back cover, there is a lighthouse. This lighthouse is Jesus, who leads us and guides us through this wild ride we call ‘life.’” Excerpts: I think trying to understand when something bad happens is often like opening a 1,000 piece puzzle, pulling out a couple pieces and trying to understand the whole puzzle from the few pieces we are looking at.

Though we try and try, it is just not possible. But God sees the picture that is on the outside of the box. He has the big picture, the finished puzzle, the completed vision. In this puzzle we call life, since we only see a small piece of the whole picture, some things are going to happen that we do not understand, due to our limited perspective. – From “One Piece of the Puzzle”So on my counter, behind the sink in my kitchen lives this little sometimes green plant.

It has been there for many years and somehow has survived the harsh cruel treatment it has received. Actually, more accurately, it is just the sporadic attention that it has had to endure as no one in the house, that I know of, has malicious intent toward the cute little guy. We are guilty of only leafing . . . I mean leaving it unattended until it is near death on many occasions. – From “Let Us Water One Another”About the author: David’s personal journal that miraculously became this book was started in 2001 with the intention of being a gift to his daughters in his later years so they would know what their dad thought about things in this life.

The purpose was to give them a glimpse of him even after he was gone, to bring comfort and courage to them by leaving actual “pieces of his heart” behind in the form of his written words. But God kept pressing David to share it more widely as a blessing to anyone who wished to read it. The hope is that these stories will spark thoughts about God’s constant involvement and intervention in our lives and stir a sense of how much He cares about every detail that is important to us.David resides in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Denice, and works as an engineer at Micron Technologies.

He is the proud father of six beautiful daughters and “Papa Dave” to six grandchildren, five boys and one girl.

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