by Shirley Hughes

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Shirley Hughes
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I have so many common threads with the lovely story Dogger... I too, like Dave had a cuddly toy that i could not be separated from when i was a child and i remember well one cold lonely night when i had to go to bed without my teddy.Family is a constant throughout many of Shirley Hughes stories, with brothers and sisters introduced and featured as main characters within the the story. In Dogger i could relate both to Dave and his love for dogger and Bella being the kind older sister - I wasnt always kind, but i was an older sister.The school community is also a central theme to the story with Dogger lost when they go to collect Bella from school and found at the school summer fete.

The summer fete features many activities that were common place when i was at school but when i recently read this story to a small group of year 1 children I found myself having to explain many of the activities that are illustrated.

The fashion is different as well and it makes a good starting point with younger children to get them to think about whether the story is set in the past or present.During the search for Dogger the illustrations are smaller and laid out in a way that seems to emphasize the panic and eagerness to find poor old lost Dogger as mum tears the house apart looking for him. I love the illustration where Dad is out in the garden with a torch and Bella and mum stand by the door while dave looks forlornly out of his bedroom window.In many of the illustrations there is loads going on and every time you read it you see more details.

The layout of both illustrations and text makes the reading really interesting. When dogger is finally found on the toy stall and the little girl buys him for 5p the tension builds and you wonder what might happen but good old Bella saves the day trading her new, shiny blue bow, bear that she won in the raffle, for dogger. What a lovely sister.

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