The Crack in the Teacup(Henry Bohun)

by Michael Gilbert

Category: Communication & Journalism

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THE CRACK IN THE TEACUP. (1966). Michael Gibert. ***.This novel about graft in a small town in southern England tells how the village council conspired to gain from directing the expansion of the town in one direction vs. another. Gilbert has his hero portrayed as a local attorney, who faces the results of this caper through the negative effects it has on his clients. It’s a clever group of city council members. The guilty ones manage to hide their tracks through a clever series of corporate entities and phony names.

Our diligent attorney, however, manages to slowly uncover what’s going on. It’s only natural, however, that some people get hurt in the process: there’s big money involved. Gilbert’s approach to scams like this one comes from first-hand knowledge – he was also an attorney (barrister or solicitor, I don’t know which).

The story is well told. My only beef is that the characters all seem to get mixed up at the end – for me at least – and I had to go back several times to review identities. Other than that, this was a good read.

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