by Mark Vein

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If you own a pinball machine, you need PINBALL REPAIR FOR ANYBODY! (THE ORIGINAL PINBALL MACHINE MAINTENANCE, TROUBLESHOOTING & BUYING GUIDE) Pinball machines are great fun but, like anything else, they break down from time to time.

Getting a Pinball Repair Technician to service your pinball machine at home can easily run you hundreds of dollars...if you can even find a reliable repairman!

This basic maintenance and trouble-shooting guide has been developed especially for use by less-experienced pinball machine owners who arent necessarily dummies!.

Youll be amazed at the simple repairs you will be able to complete successfully using basic tools (and several specialized tools) suggested in PINBALL REPAIR FOR ANYBODY! In fact, it will pay for itself many times over! Since there are so many possible design configurations in pinball machines (making it impossible to show every variation) this guide is written in clear, easy to follow language but contains no pictures.

No tools are provided, but most tools suggested can be easily obtained in your area or on-line! CUSTOMERS COMMENTS: Thanks so much! helped my neighbor a lot! A+A+A+A+A+ Thanks for a very wonderful and useful tool. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++ One of the most awesome E-bayers out there - very, very helpful...

FAST SHIP!! SUPER INFORMATIVE BOOK!! A++ Thanks for the manual via Email. It is great... Good Info for starting out... Good general common sense guide ...easily understood manual...great Just the item I needed. MANUAL IS A BIG HELP... A good starter for the novice. If youre thinking of purchasing a used pinball machine, the PINBALL REPAIR FOR ANYBODY!

buying guide page will also help you spot costly problems BEFORE you lay out cash for a lemon! You can even use PINBALL REPAIR FOR ANYBODY! to perform simple repairs and maintenance on newer Stern pinball machines such as NASCAR, THE SOPRANOS, RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT!, ELVIS, THE SIMPSONS, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, AUSTIN POWERS, ROLLER COASTER TYCOON, MONOPOLY, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, THE FAMILY GUY, WORLD SERIES OF POKER, SPIDER-MAN, DALE EARNHARDT JR., SHREK and WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

You can also work on older machines by Bally, Williams, Gottlieb, Chicago Coin, CapCom, Sega and Midway, including MEDIEVAL MADNESS, SOUTH PARK, BATMAN, TWILIGHT ZONE, THEATER OF MAGIC, FIREBALL, CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, BAYWATCH, TOMMY, DRACULA, TERMINATOR, DEMOLITION MAN and many more!

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