Crown of Thorns(Crown of Thorns #1-2)

by Ian C.P. Irvine

Category: Biography

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“Imagine fighting a war with Jesus Christ on your side? You couldn’t lose! You’d be invincible…”“Soldiers always marched into battle carrying religious relics at the head of their army, or praying that God would help kill their enemies. It didn’t matter that the other side was doing exactly the same. Everyone wanted God on their side…”Until chapter 12, nothing happened except that the MC got the idea to clone Jesus Christ and found of a way to get the crown of thorns.The part in chapter 15 on how to seduce someone by doing the right move at the right time, breathing at the same rate than the person you want to seduce, pronouncing the right words in the right order, and so on is something to be read.

I know it works, at least on someone who doesn’t know the technique. If you practice it on someone who knows it, its guaranteed to make you hated by him or her. The author called it hypnotic suggestion or induction, but I’d call it manipulation.

And to hypnotize someone that way for months as Mike did to Louisa... No way!“No, if we cannot prevent the Oxford group from creating a clone, we at least must take the lead in the clone war and create and grow our own first... and prevent others from doing so in the future. If Jesus Christ is going to come back for a second time, this time round he’s going to be an American!”Even though I am a greedy reader of scientific journals and I can understand a lot about many topics, including genetics, I found annoying the endless pseudoscientific blabla of the novel.

All chapter 22 is about how to make a clone, with all the information about ACGT bases,... Do we really need to know all that? I won’t clone anyone tomorrow anyway.Another part of the book is political blabla, which annoyed me even more than the scientific one. All this blabla should be shortened to tighten the plot.The question is: “Was it the right crown?” It was from the right period of time and the right place, but was it Christ’s crown?

No one knows for sure. And they found two different blood types on the crown. One of them was an unknown type they call G for God. And Professor Matthews put the crown on his head and he broke one thorn that got his blood on it.

So who are they really cloning?Another part of the story is about recovering samples of the blood residues from each of the thorns on the Crown.

Personally, I am not much interested in this process itself. What interests me is the result.At 97% of the story, we can read: “They had agreed to start with the A-type blood first and perfect the process on a blood group they understood and were familiar with.” So the MCs have just decided what they should do. Nothing important happened until then. No little baby Christ, not even the beginning of a Jesus’ clone.

From the beginning up to 97%, we only read about people trying to borrow the crown or to steal it, then to find how get the right blood of it.If I had known, I wouldn’t have bothered to read book 1; I’d have bought the book 2, because nothing happened in book 1.If I give 2 stars to this book, this is only because this is not too poorly written.

But it’s supremely dull. That’s sad because it’s an interesting concept.

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