11.03.2016 Art History

The Coldest Summer

San Franciscos Seacliff neighborhood is known for its mansions and sweeping ocean views. But when a young woman dies after attending a raucous party at one of the most prestigious properties on the block, cracks appear in the moneyed facade. Senior Detective Mick Downey is a newcomer to San Francisco, struggling to find his way in the city of love. Hes not sure what to make of the constant fog and the New Age poppycock spouting from his partner, Lieutenant Detective Stephen OBrien.

One thing he knows for sure is that something terrible happened the night of the party. Soon it is up to Mick to find the truth that everyone else wants to ignore, even if it exposes some uncomfortable truths that the killer would like to keep hidden.

11.03.2016 Art History

MeilД—s ir mirties dialektika

Monografijoje nagrinėjama ne nauja, tačiau vis naujai skambanti tema – meilės ir mirties santykis. Šių fenomenų sąsajos dažnai yra nepastebimos, ignoruojamos arba suvokiamos tik paviršiniu lygmeniu – kaip nesutaikomos opozicijos. Monografijoje siekiama parodyti, kad šie fenomenai siejasi žymiai gilesniame lygyje, netgi yra artimi savo esme.

Meilės ir mirties sąsajos atskleidžiamos daugiaprasmėse ir susipinančiose kasdienėse patirtyse ir egzistenciniuose išgyvenimuose (nerimas / baimė – laisvė, vienatvė – santykis, riba / pabaiga – amžinybė) pasitelkus egzistencijos filosofų bei egzistencijos psichologų įžvalgas. Pats giliausias meilės ir mirties dialektikos lygmuo išryškinamas gretinant krikščionių mistikų ir egzistencijos filosofų bei Mahayanos budizmo meistrų tekstus.

11.03.2016 Art History

Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge

Twenty years after the release of Nirvana’s landmark album Nevermind comes Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge, the definitive word on the grunge era, straight from the mouths of those at the center of it all. In 1986, fledgling Seattle label C/Z Records released Deep Six, a compilation featuring a half-dozen local bands: Soundgarden, Green River, Melvins, Malfunkshun, the U-Men and Skin Yard.

Though it sold miserably, the record made music history by documenting a burgeoning regional sound, the raw fusion of heavy metal and punk rock that we now know as grunge. But it wasn’t until five years later, with the seemingly overnight success of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” that grunge became a household word and Seattle ground zero for the nineties alternative-rock explosion.Everybody Loves Our Town captures the grunge era in the words of the musicians, producers, managers, record executives, video directors, photographers, journalists, publicists, club owners, roadies, scenesters and hangers-on who lived through it.

The book tells the whole story: from the founding of the Deep Six bands to the worldwide success of grunge’s big four (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains); from the rise of Seattle’s cash-poor, hype-rich indie label Sub Pop to the major-label feeding frenzy that overtook the Pacific Northwest; from the simple joys of making noise at basement parties and tiny rock clubs to the tragic, lonely deaths of superstars Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. Drawn from more than 250 new interviews—with members of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Screaming Trees, Hole, Melvins, Mudhoney, Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, Mad Season, L7, Babes in Toyland, 7 Year Bitch, TAD, the U-Men, Candlebox and many more—and featuring previously untold stories and never-before-published photographs, Everybody Loves Our Town is at once a moving, funny, lurid, and hugely insightful portrait of an extraordinary musical era.

11.03.2016 Art History

40 Days 40 Nights

40 Days 40 Nights the second Sgt Major Crane crime thrillerLove mysteries, crime thrillers and suspense novels? Then this is the British military mystery for you!Someone wants to kill the Olympic athletesHell stop at nothing to achieve his goalAn SIB detective determined to catch the terroristsA soldier is found dead under the Olympic-sized swimming pool. His neckis broken and his weapon stolen. When Team GB descends on AldershotGarrison in the run up to the 2012 Olympics, there is a terroristdetermined to kill them.Sgt Major Crane, a Branch detective with the Royal Military Police mustkeep the athletes safe through 40 Days and 40 Nights of accidents,thefts and murders.

Can Crane pull it off? Or will the terrorists win?A military mystery written as a police procedural.2nd Edition published July 2013 written in the past tense.Praise for the Sgt Major Crane crime thrillersCrane is a charismatic leading man and is one of the more interestingnew genre protagonists Ive encountered in quite a while! ChrisAlgernon.Fast paced crime thrillers for lovers of the police procedural and whodunnits!

Keith Thomas International BroadcasterDont Miss the other Sgt Major Crane novels in the seriesSteps to Heaven - is the church offering salvation or slaughter? A dark twisted crime thriller.Violation - someone is drugging young girls, then raping and murdering them. How many must die before Crane finds the rapist?Cordon of Lies - Can Crane get justice for two murdered army wives?Internationally Acclaimed Amazon Kindle Best SellersJoin the thousands of satisfied readers around the world who have read and enjoyed the CRANE novels.Get your copy NOW!

11.03.2016 Art History

The Louisiana Purchase

In what has been called the greatest real estate deal of all time, the United States purchased a massive portion of North America from France for just $15 million in 1803. This purchase secured the countrys future and allowed for the westward development that would eventually make it the nation we know today. This title details the negotiations leading up to the purchase.

It also covers Lewis and Clarks thrilling expedition into the unexplored wilderness.

11.03.2016 Art History

Notre-Dame de Paris

Generazioni di lettori sono state affascinate e suggestionate da Quasimodo, il gobbo di Notre Dame e Esmeralda, la bellissima zingara di cui tutti si innamorano. Numerosi film di successo si sono ispirati a questopera, fino alla versione a disegni animati della Disney.

Il suo fascino sta nellessere una cronaca dellautunno del Medioevo e nella descrizione della brulicante folla parigina, composta di mendicanti, preti, scudieri del re: una folla che ruota attorno allenigmatica macchina della cattedrale.