The Far Side of the Stars(Lt. Leary / RCN #3)

by David Drake

Category: Archaeology

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 528 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: none
  • Edition Language: English

The third book in Drakes highly enjoyable space opera series continues his tradition of transposing 18th century British naval situations into space. This time out, Daniel Learys former command, the corvette Princess Cecile, is decommissioned and sold to a wealthy foreign noble intent on exploring the Galactic North, where piracy abounds, as well as uncivilized planets that still havent recovered from the Hiatus in interstellar travel. Leary is hired to captain the ship, and he hires all the Sissys former naval crew to run her.

Off they set into high space, bound for adventure.It has been a long time since I read a pure picaresque space adventure. When I was quite young, I devoured such stories in very short sittings, drunk on the infinite possibilities to be found in the universe.

Coming to one from a more experienced and informed perspective, I mostly saw the limitations that Drakes story set upon the possibilities. And didnt mind them, either, since Drake is a sterling storyteller.There was none of the initial bloat that I felt unbalanced the second book, the story clips right along, from planet to planet, with plenty of action along the way, and in particular a thumping good climactic battle.

I very much like the future history Drake has created for this series, and the possibilities it leaves open for further adventures and exploration. I hope, at some future point, that he has a more cerebral adventure in the series, one where Adele Mundys pursuit of some historical nugget of information (most likely a book) drives the story, more than military tactical advantage.

Theres always a bit of that, but Id find it fun to have the battle stuff be incidental background music for once, rather than front and center every time.

All in all, thoroughly fun and quite a satisfying read.

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