PГҐ veien til Bagdad

by GГјneli GГјn

Category: Archaeology

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 427 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9788253015453
  • Edition Language: English

Intermingling myth, fact and fiction, Gun creates a fanciful, old-fashioned epic that spans the Ottoman empire in the 16th century and tells a meandering tale of a womans travels and travails.

Awkward young Hurus adventures begin when her brother abandons her during a journey from Istanbul to Baghdad. By the end, when she trades her musical talent for something more valuable, Huru has spent time disguised as a boy and has married a woman; she has seen Persia, Turkey and Syria and traveled through time; she has married a sultan, borne his son and survived--with help from the spirit world--by her wits and her talent for playing her stone lyre. Along the way, she encounters many renowned figures, including Shahrazad, the witty and driven writer, and Lady Zubaida, a successful and independent businesswoman married to the infamous ruler Harun-er-Rashid.

Through these anecdotes, the reader catches sometimes magical glimpses of a different world and a tumultuous era. But the novels density and jarring mix of formal, archaic rhythms with modern language discourage a readers total immersion.

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