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The Ghost of Christmas Present: A Novel

It’s the fourth Wednesday of November, and Patrick Guthrie is giving thanks. He’s giving thanks that his eight-year-old son, Braden, will finally have a procedure on his heart that will cure him of the same life-threatening condition that took Patrick’s wife several years earlier.

But when Patrick suddenly loses his job teaching drama at a New York City high school, his already desperate financial situation becomes dire. Rebecca Brody, a social worker, shows up at his door with a judge’s order for him to appear before the city’s family court to determine if Patrick is financially fit, and Patrick realizes he is in danger of losing his son.

Patrick knows that he must somehow make it through the holiday season to a new job waiting for him in the new year.

He also knows that Ted Cake, his former father-in-law, blames Patrick so much for the death of his daughter that he, a rich and disagreeable man, is the one pushing the city to call the custody hearing and give the boy over to him. Now Patrick has only three weeks before Christmas to somehow make enough money to pay his bills, present himself to the family court as a fit father, and keep Braden in his life.

It’s when Patrick sees a charming beggar on the subway dressed up as a crazy alien that he gets an idea. In true Dickensian holiday spirit, Patrick makes use of his old acting skills and his love of A Christmas Carol and takes to the streets in the guise of the Ghost of Christmas Present. Making a midtown corner his performing stage, he begins to touch and change the lives of all those who come his way, including Rebecca Brody and the bitter and heartbroken Ted Cake.

*** The train stopped at a station where the signs read Thirty-fourth Street. The doors opened and Patrick waited for the commuters to disembark before he got off.

He walked to the stairs as the morning light from the street shone and the sounds of Broadway bounced down into the station in echoing waves. He caught sight of himself in the plastic window of the token booth, where the transit workers shook their heads at his appearance. Perhaps he had gone too far with the costume. Perhaps he had gone too far thinking he should even attempt this madness. Perhaps what was worst of all was thinking he could save the semblance of a life that he could carve for himself with Braden.

Maybe Braden would be better off without him in his daily life. Maybe . . . Patrick shook off the thought as the noise of Broadway waited for him above. He drew in a breath and exhaled. “Into the breach, dear friends.” He began to climb the stairs.

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Лекции по русской истории

Начал читать главным образом ради краткого обзора Смутного времени и, в общем-то, книга в этом отношении не подвела.

Изложение истории от Ивана Грозного до примерно Николая I тоже не вызывает особых возражений.С 1917 года многое, конечно, изменилось. Нельзя уже вслух рассуждать об иерархии культур и народов, которой одержимы первые главы. Нельзя писать о подавлении многочисленных восстаний в бывшем ВКЛ и Польше исключительно как о противостоянии поляков и русских, в которых записали чохом всех тутэйшых, их мнения не спрашивая.

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Vendida al jeque(Three Rich Men #3)

El jeque la deseaba y no le importaba el precio que tuviera que pagar por ella...Cuando la modelo australiana Charmaine donГі una cena con ella como premio de una subasta benГ©fica no sospechaba quiГ©n serГ­a el ganador. El prГ­ncipe AlГ­ de Dubar seguГ­a siendo el tipo arrogante a quien habГ­a rechazado un aГ±o antes, pero ahora no le quedaba otra opciГіn que cenar con Г©l...

despuГ©s de todo habГ­a pagado cinco millones de dГіlares por tal privilegio. Pero las sorpresas no habГ­an terminado. Charmaine se quedГі de piedra cuando AlГ­ le ofreciГі donar quinientos millones de dГіlares a la obra de caridad que ella eligiera si accedГ­a a pasar una semana con Г©l.

Pero AlГ­ no querГ­a sГіlo su compaГ±Г­a, ВЎtambiГ©n querГ­a sus favores en la cama!

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Fear of the Past, a novel

Told from the standpoint of a teenager who is a gifted child, made lonely by his extraordinary mental abilities, this is a coming-of-age story like no other. It is also a family saga set in Sicily where Tony goes searching for his family roots. He drifts into a palazzo with a strange name over the door, the Circle of Conversation, filled with people in disguise. But this is no costume ball. The Circle is a place out of Time, dark and humid, where the ghosts of his ancestors mill about and converse, waiting for Judgment Day - among them, a beautiful woman with deep, black eyes that promise love.

But the door slams shut behind him, Tony is trapped. His trip to Sicily, meant as a simple voyage of self-discovery, has turned into a nightmare.

How can he shake off the past and find himself? Reviews: 1. from Sicilian literary critics when the book came out in Italian (published by E.Romeo): >like dreaming with open eyes through Time - Diario di Siracusa >emotional, but above all fantastic, surreal, meta-psychical, out of time and reality - Liberta > An authentic excursion in the past - La Sicilia 2. Selected reviews when it first came out in English (in an early version, Fear of the Past): >a bit Alice in Wonderland, a bit Dantes Inferno, and a lot about coming of age and self-discovery (Author Joseph Badal) >Good read not only for teenagers but also for grown ups looking for something different (Film maker Magda Olchawska) >symbolic of universal emotions and human foibles, sometimes making them larger than life (Author Karen Rose Smith)

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Voodoo Inverso

In this debut collection, Voodoo Inverso, Mark Wagenaar composes a startling mystical imagism and sets it to music, using self-portraits to explore differing physical and spiritual landscapes.

He uses a variety of personae—a victim of sex trafficking in Amsterdam, a fichera dancer, a portrait haunted by Dante, a carillonneur of starlight, an elephant in pink slippers remembering its beloved—to silhouette the intricacies and frailties of the body and the world. In a series of “gospels” and “histories”—such as the poems “History of Ecstasy” and “Moth Hour Gospel”—he shines a light on the possibilities of transcendence and transfiguration, weaving together memory and loss with desire and hope.

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Lilys wish

Lily has a special Christmas wish, but only one person can make her wish come true.She writes him a letter and another and another. He writes back, but will he grant her wish? Do you believe he can?

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The Crush

Will the rising young rugby star, Matt Cassidy, be able to handle the truth about the dad he has never known as well as deal with his crushs dangerous boyfriend? Fifteen–year–old Matthew Cassidy is an up–and–coming rugby star. The talent scouts are circling him, his school team has reached the finals for the first time ever, and hes determined to one day play professionally.

Despite everything, Matt really only wants one thing in life—a Dad. However, when Matt receives an anonymous card on his 15th birthday, he tracks down the mysterious writer and discovers his Dad is alive and in jail. Meanwhile, Matt is facing another dilemma: a crush on blue–eyed Kelly Sinclair.

The only problem is her boyfriend. Captain of an opposingВ team and Matts mortal enemy, he regularlyВ hurts Kelly. Matt tries to rescue her from a cycle of domestic abuse, butВ this is not as simple as it seems, as he tries to fight his own feelings for Kelly and the violent nature of her boyfriend.